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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Basketball Tournaments: Command Attention and Communicate with Clarity

College basketball's "March Madness" has been one of America's favorite times of year for generations, creating a friendly competition between basketball fanatics and non-sports' fans alike.

Whether you find yourself entering bracket contests, predicting exhibition outcomes, or just rooting for your favorite college basketball team, this segment of each year is one of the most anticipated.

AmpliVox, a premier supplier of quality PA system, celebrates this great time of year.

Every year "March Madness" takes the country by storm with a 5-week frenzy of upsets, blowouts, Cinderella stories, and concludes with crowning conference champions, as well as a national champion.

The pandemonium all begins the second week of March with conference tournaments across the nation.

On the traditional "Championship Sunday", each of the thirty-two conferences crown a champion for the year.

Through winning their conference championships, these thirty-two champions gain an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament, a chance at the National Championship game.

The losing teams of the conference tournaments must rely on the NCAA selection committee to award their bid to the NCAA tournament, which takes place on the infamous "Selection Sunday".

On "Selection Sunday" the NCAA committee releases the official men's bracket and team's seeding of the NCAA tournament to the public.

Thus, the chaos of "March Madness" is intensified for the remaining four week period. Dedicated sports fans across the country commit themselves to predicting the outcomes of the NCAA tournament games, also known as "Bracketology".

This process of predicting winners from each side of the bracket to ultimately meet in the National Championship unites the country.

Everyone is entitled to their choice regarding which under-dog will make a name for themselves as the cinderella team, and who will be this year's college basketball National Champion.

AmpliVox knows a thing or two about offering solutions for chaotic sport environments. Like the NCAA Tournament, competitive basketball tournaments are taking place across the country as regular seasons come to a close, and the postseason begins.

These environments require full control and organization to successfully accommodate all teams and fans in attendance.

PA systems allow you to make announcements on upcoming games or tournament schedules changes, making sure everyone is on the same page.

While hosting your next tournament, extend your voice clearly over screeching whistles, buzzing scoreboards, and screaming fans.

Get your message across regardless the surrounding with our Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System.

The Travel Partner's lightweight design can reach up to 7500 people in room sizes of up to 25,000 square feet in optimal conditions.

Equipped with a 250-watt amplifier the Travel Partner can fill any room with full rich & clear sound. It's amplification ability is excellent for gymnasiums.

From the National Anthem to the Awards ceremony, the Digital Audio Travel Partner PA system provides the ideal sound for sports tournaments.

AmpliVox also offers solutions that create a stronger image for your school. A customized AmpliVox lectern with your school logo will set your program apart at your next hosted sports event.

This is the ideal time of year to generate excitement by incorporating a collegiate lectern for a truly unique and memorable presence. The next time your program is on the big stage, make sure to captivate your crowd's attention with an AmpliVox Collegiate Multimedia Lectern.

AmpliVox leads the industry with presentation solutions that assist with minimizing chaos and creating an organized environment. During your next sports event, command attention and communicate information with clarity so that all can be heard. Extend your voice and project your image with AmpliVox.