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Monday, March 25, 2019

AmpliVox 360 Spin Images - Embed and Download Instructions

AmpliVox offers 360° spin sets of popular portable PA systems for Dealers to use on their website.

Example: SW725
Example: SW800

AmpliVox 360 Spin Images are available to:

Embed 360 Viewer Using AmpliVox Hosted Images

To embed a spin you need to copy two lines of code into your web page.

The first line of code is the script that will run the viewer and the second line of code is the spin of the SKU to be placed on your site.

Step #1. Paste the script code that will run the viewer

Paste the script code before your </head> if possible, otherwise paste it anywhere else on your page:

<script src="https://scripts.sirv.com/sirv.js"></script>

Step #2. Paste the spin code of the SKU

Paste the spin code of the SKU where you want the spin to appear on your web page:

<div class="Sirv" data-src="https://metelify.sirv.com/AmpliVox360/SW725/SW725.spin"></div>

For a full list of AmpliVox 360 Spins, download our 360 Spin List spreadsheet.

AmpliVox 360 Spin Spreadsheet

AmpliVox has 360 spin images hosted at Sirv, an image processing platform that offers a full suite of rich image viewers. For more information on Sirv Spin options and viewer settings, please visit Sirv Spin documentation.

Download 360 Image and Spin Files

AmpliVox 360 Spin Images are available to download from our Media Library:

Our 360 subfolder in the Media Library gives you access to all the still shot images of the 360 spin that you can use individually or to create your own 360 spins. You will need to implement a 360/3D viewer on your website which will allow you to display the spin images on your site if you choose to host the images yourself.

There are two types of 360/3D viewers, "3rd Party Hosted" and "In-House Hosted".

A "3rd Party Hosted" viewer is when you are uploading the spin images to a 3rd party image platform, such as Sirv, to allow the spins to be embedded to your site.

The other option is a "In-House Hosted" viewer where you actually integrate the viewer code into your website and you will house the images and serve them to the viewer. This option allows a little more control over the viewer but can take more development on your side to integrate. We recommend Magic360 Spin Viewer as this is a very reliable and cost effective slideshow and 360 viewer.