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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Englewood Fire Dept Celebrates Passage of the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez joined by firefighters from across New Jersey to celebrate passage of the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act, during the news conference at Englewood Fire Dept. HQ in Englewood on 07/03/18.

Fires present unique health risks to those who battle them — the flames produce fumes and debris that are known or suspected to cause cancer.

And small particles from burning plastics, carpet or asbestos can worm their way into the lungs.

Firefighters have a higher rate of both cancer deaths and cancer cases than the general population, a multi-year study by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety found in 2013.

The increases were found in respiratory, oral, digestive and urinary cancers.

Another study, which followed a group of 30,000 firefighters from three big-city departments over 60 years, discovered that the more time a firefighter spent at fires, the greater the likelihood of being diagnosed with lung cancer.

It also found a greater chance of dying from leukemia.

Researchers were careful to note that the study could not identify which cancers were caused by the firefighters’ work and which were caused by personal risk factors, such as family history or smoking.

The study doesn’t mean a healthy firefighter will get cancer.

But to many, the anecdotal evidence is enough.

The bill will also consolidate and store information submitted by health care professionals regarding cancer among firefighters, and make available some data to public health researchers for their study.

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