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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wireless Portable iPod PA System Used at Banquet Hall for Wake and Funeral Service

In early May 2012, a local hero passed on.  John Halloran was a firefighter and building inspector for the city of Chicago for over thirty years and will be remembered as a hard working family man who loved his city and country.

Funeral directors chose the AmpliVox iPod Portable PA System to provide professional sound quality for the funeral service, outdoor burial service, and the banquet hall lunch that celebrated this great life.

The system was used during the wake playing many of John's favorite songs, during the memorial service playing more music and projecting audio over the crowd, at the outdoor

The iPod was the perfect choice for a number of reasons:

  • The long battery life and recharging ability.  This allowed users to easily transport the system without worrying about pesky wires or extention cords.
  • The wireless microphone provided speakers a powerful tool for those sharing memories at the banquet hall and for playing music during the wake.  The Voice Priority Feature (that automatically dulls music noise while someone speaks through the microphone) also came in handy, saving speakers the hassle of pausing music.
  • The Remote Control allowed the funeral program director to control the music playback and volume levels from across the funeral parlor.
  • Durable Carrying Case.  The case was a great addition because it stores the AC power adapter, microphone, and remote control in neat side pouches, and allow the player to play outside in the drizzly conditions that were at the cemetery that day.
  • Music accessibility.  The events used the iPod dock and CD player to play some of John's favorite songs that included "Danny Boy" and "I Can Only Imagine."  Funeral attenders commented that the addition of the music made it a powerful sentimental moment as they remembered their friend, brother, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.
  • Built-In DVD Player allowed a DVD slideshow to show pictures of John and his loved ones while playing the audio, filling the room with rich sound.
A truly portable PA System!

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