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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Videos of Lecterns and Podiums

AmpliVox Sound Systems regularly adds videos to our YouTube Channel to provide customer support, spread the word about useful AmpliVox products and show them in use.

Here is a master list of AmpliVox PA System videos organized in a navigable way:
S250 Portable Tabletop Lectern: Product | Video
Executive AdjustableSound Column Lecter
SW272 EZ Speak Folding Lectern: Product | Video
W280 Full Height Wooden Lectern: Product | Video | Lectern at Craftsman Experience
W330 Expediter Adjustable Lectern: Product | Video
S355 Elite Solid Hardwood Lectern Stand Product | Video
S450 Presidential Podium: Product | Video | Podium at Event
S470 Chancellor Solid Wood Lectern Product | Video
SW505A Executive Adjustable Sound Column Lectern: Product | Video
SN3010 Oxford Solid Wood Lectern with Removable Tabletop Product | Video
SN3020 Victoria Solid Wood Lectern Product | Video
SN3035 Ambassador Solid Wood Multimedia Lectern: Product | Video
SN3030 Coventry Multimedia Solid Wood Lectern: Product | Video
SN3040 Patriot Lectern and Patriot Plus Product | Video
SN3185 Aluminum Truss Lectern Product | Video
The Visionary Multimedia Lectern
SS3230 Multimedia Computer Lectern: Product | Video
SN3235 Multimedia Presentation Podium: Product | Video | At Toastmasters Meeting
SN3250 Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern: Product | Video | Pink Podium Video
SN3430 Multimedia Smart Lectern Product | Video

Table Top Lecterns: The Ultimate Tabletop Lectern Guide
The Best School Lecterns and Podiums

Acrylic Lecterns:
SN3080 Contemporary Aluminum Acrylic Lectern/Pulpit Product | Video
SN3055 Large Top Clear Acrylic Lectern Product | Video