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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wisconsin Protestors Use AmpliVox Outdoor Megaphones with Detachable Microphone

The state of Wisconsin just held a historic recall election that was a very divisive topic in the country, causing both sides to follow the election results closely.

In a day where it is nearly impossible to find a bipartisan agreement, there is at least one thing that brings agreement across party lines.

No, it is not a politician, or even an ideology, but a company.

In order to clearly and powerfully communicate their messages, the protesters in Wisconsin turned to the AmpliVox 25-Watt Megaphone.  If you watch the video on this page, you will see the AmpliVox megaphone at 0:47-0:49 you will see a quick glimpse of the powerful megaphone.
Barack Obama Uses AmpliVox

This is not the first time we have seen AmpliVox products used in political events or even by politicians.

Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Mark Kirk, and Robert Dold have all used AmpliVox products to communicate their message.

A vintage Half-Mile Hailer used at a protest in the 70s
Another great product for the political realm is the Sound Cruiser Car PA System that was recently used in a campaign-themed episode of the popular TV show Modern Family.

VIDEO: AmpliVox Powers Modern Family