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Friday, July 27, 2012

Police Department use Car PA System in Fourth of July Parade

The AmpliVox Sound Cruiser Car PA System
This Fourth of July, the AmpliVox Sound Cruiser Car PA System was used by a local police department to play patriotic music during the town parade.

In addition to broadcasting music over a wide outdoor area, parade officials were also able to communicate their emergency and holiday messages through the microphone and amplifier.

The Sound Cruiser is easy to set up with its suction cups and straps and allows users to easily connect external devices like a smartphone or iPod to play audio.  The powerful horn speakers are available with dual or quad horns and can be heard one half mile away!

The Multimedia Stereo Amplifier and
mic fit in nicely in the control panel
There was a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in the parade and it was suggested that the Sound Crusier would be a great addition to the CERT truck as a part of their response team.

The Sound Cruiser has also been used by:

Dave from AmpliVox taking
a ride in the Police Hummer!
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