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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Best School Computer Carts and Desks

AmpliVox is very well known for its outstanding computer carts and desks.  Not only do we make voice amplifying portable PA systems but we also make computer carts and desks that would be perfect for your school classroom or office building.

Our computer carts and desks are perfect because they are durable, they can be moved around with ease, and can be changed around and put in different positions which makes them more accommodating to the people who use them.

1.  Multimedia Audio Visual Cart Desk: SN3375
This computer cart from AmpliVox has multiple purposes to it.  This multipurpose cart has a drop leaf side shelf which would be ideal for a projector to go onto.  The other pull out shelf it contains would be perfect for a laptop computer.  This computer cart has a locking cabinet which leaves room to store a computer and other supplies.

Product Video: AmpliVox Multimedia Cart   

2.  AV Cart Multimedia Workstation: SN3335
This work station will help you carry everything you need for your next presentation.  This product was designed specifically to have large work spaces for the best selling document cameras and their presenting stages.  It is 41 inches tall with an adjustable shelf and moves on four rolling casters.  

Product Video: Multimedia Workstation

3. Hydraulic Adjustable Multimedia Cart: SN3390
This product can serve as either a seated or stand-up workstation for laptop or desktop computers.  It has a shelf that can pull-out for either a keyboard or projector.  Comes with 3 inch rolling casters so mobility is not an issue.  

4.  Multipurpose Presentation Station: SN3345
Comes with a locking cabinet,  split-top surface, rolling casters as well as a lifetime warranty!  This product will help carry the things you need in order for your next presentation to be a successful one.  Available in Gray finish and Black/Gray finish.

Product Video: Presentation Stand

5.  Adjustable Height Metal Cart: SN3370
The Adjustable Height Metal Cart comes on four rolling casters which makes it easy to move from room to room.  It also comes with tables that have been welded which makes it extremely durable.  Also includes a pull-out mouse and keyboard shelf as well as two steel shelves which helps increase work space.  The Adjustable Height Metal Cart comes with a lifetime warranty.

6.  Multimedia Projector Stand: SN3355
The Multimedia Projector Stand is quite a resourceful item.  Not only does it come with three shelves for holding items like a laptop or a printer, but you can also adjust the height on as well.  This product also comes on four rolling casters which makes moving easy. The Multimedia Projector has a lifetime warranty on it and it comes in a black finish.

Product Video: Mobile Projector Stand