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Monday, July 09, 2012

Auctioneer Portable PA System: Auction Equipment

Auctions are one of the most popular way to exchange goods like machinery, cattle, vehicles, used equipment, and other goods.  Auctioneers cannot keep their voices while bid calling for hours on end, so how are they to preserve their voice yet communicate their message?

Auctioneer Wireless PA systems from AmpliVox are a great way to preserve the voices of auctioneers and keep their profits up!  Wireless systems and wireless microphones are available for each PA system including lapel, handheld, or headset microphones.  Each of these systems are great for indoors or outdoors and can take a beating!

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The following PA systems are recommended for auctions:

The Half-Mile Hailer PA System and the  This is a favorite among auctioneers because of is power and durability.  It is a 50-watt system that really can project up to a half mile.  Kurt from Kiefer Auction Supply has had his Hailer for 15 years, and we have heard stories of people using Half-Mile Hailers for up to 25 years!  It comes with a 6 year warranty and is one of AmpliVox’s Signature Products.
Here is a testimonial we received from an auctioneer:

Its A Workhorse!
"I take it all over the country . Used it for at least 300 auctions. It's a workhorse! It just don't quit!" Joe Thomas - Auctioneer from Glen Allen, VA

The Audio Portable Buddy is a 50-watt system is conveniently packaged in a durable briefcase-like shell keeping your equipment safe.  The battery life lasts an incredible 200 hours, so you won't have to worry about losing your sound during your presentation.  The system is easy to use and plug-and-play.  Watch a video on Audio Portable Buddy.

The Voice Projector PA System Bundle is a stylish and professional solution to your meeting room needs and provides flexibilty to the presenter because they are able to place speakers up to 500 feet apart!  This features a completely wireless design and an amazing battery life of up to 200 hours.

The Digital Audio Travel Partner 250-watt PA system is another great system that is perfect for auctioneers who need a PA system for a number of different purposes.  You and your team are able to clearly and powerfully communicate your message with up to four wireless microphones!  With other features include a built in CD player, a long lasting battery, and easy iPod connectivity, you will have all your public address needs met with the Digital Audio Travel Partner.

We have several informative videos on the Digital Audio Travel Partner you can view here: Digital Audio Travel Partner Video Playlist