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Monday, February 22, 2010

Amplivox's Presentation Tips

Communication is a foundational element of business. Managers and bosses need to communicate effectively what their goals are and how their employees are to achieve those goals. Companies spend millions on meetings and training because they know they are a vital part to everyday business success.

But did you know that the environment in which the meeting or presentation takes place can be a hindrance to effective communication?

Communication is hindered when the facilitator cannot be heard because of poor sound system configuration, too little amplification or inability to connect multimedia devices to proper sound equipment. AmpliVox Sound Systems are designed to combat these problems, and to help with room and audio setup we have provided:

AmpliVox's Presentation Tips, which provide guidance and options for optimizing every aspect of your presentation space and ensure you have the optimal setting to communicate important ideas. AmpliVox covers everything from the shape of a room, rules for using visual aids, to the type of furniture that is ideal for your situation.

Click here to see the complete list of presentation tips.

Watch our video about how to choose the right size PA system.