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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sound Comparison Guide -- Another hidden gem

Our Sound Comparison Guide provides a great overview of our most popular products and categories. Page one contains details on many of the lecterns that AmpliVox offers and the second page has our PA Systems.

A few highlights are:

  • The SW505A Adjustable Column Lectern has two built-in speakers, two convenient storage areas, and adjusts from 39-45 inches high. This model is pictured on the right.
  • The SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner is a lightweight wireless portable speaker system has a USB connection, expansion slots, a rechargeable battery, wireless mics, and other options including a remote control. The speaker and tripod from this package are pictured on the right. Read a blog entry about how it was featured in a magazine's Top Ten list!
Recently AmpliVox has taken steps to make sure that we are not leaving a big carbon footprint. Our lecterns are Forest Friendly (no new trees cut!), made from 100% recovered/recycled wood, in tune with CARB requirements, built using local sources, and helping to mitigate climate change. Click here for more environmental information about some of the green measures we have put into place to positively affect our environmental impact.