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Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't Let Your Message Get Lost in the Noise...Like these Guys

Americans are proud to be able to voice their opinions openly and freely. The First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech has allowed Americans to extend their voice so that it can be heard. Sometimes Americans can use this right too much and cause a ruckus in certain settings.

It can be difficult to control citizens voicing their opinion if the proper measures are not taken before hand like security, establishing ground rules for the observers, and having the proper audio equipment to speak over them and control the situation.

Back in October of this year, at a Minnesota Political debate, things got out of hand when U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar and challenger Chip Cravaack were overwhelmed by the opposition they faced in the crowd.

This article from the Duluth News Tribune describes the situation and said that,
"Moderators asked for civility and respect, but the cat calls and jeering from a nearly-full auditorium continued through most of the 90-minute forum, often drowning-out candidates' answers over a faulty sound system that lacked volume."
Because they did not have a reliable sound system, this event with the purpose of gaining support for their campaign became a disaster that was reported on by the media.

This is just one example of how a failure to anticipate sound system needs ruined an entire event. Event organizers need to make sure they have the right professional audio equipment for their event, and they also need to ensure the layout of seating in relation to the speakers is optimized.

To help with this, Amplivox Sound Systems has compiled a "Pocket Training Guide" to guide event organizers in the physical aspects (shape and design of room, lighting, acoustics, furniture, visual aids, and seating) of a presentation.

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