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Friday, January 28, 2011

Alabama School uses 21st Century Technology with Amplifed Classrooms

There has been a lot of controversy when it comes to using portable sound systems in classrooms but the better children can hear, the more they are able to learn. Most teachers assume that all the students in their class are able to hear them speak.

Studies have shown that many students, especially those toward the back of the room, may not hear what the teacher says due to background noise and other distractions. This is the reason why schools across the nation are turning to personal amplification systems to improve the education environment.

Here is an example of schools trying to incorporate the latest technology in their classrooms:
According to The Electric Observer there has been debate over the contract for Wetumpka’s 21st Century Classrooms project. "Financially, the project is a partnership between the City of Wetumpka and a local company to equip the community’s three schools with the most advanced technology available. But the board of education was required to approve the endeavor, and some members were concerned that the school system would be responsible if the city failed to provide the promised funding.

Positive Effects:
  • Improvement in speech recognition
  • Improvement in attending and learning behaviors
  • Improvement in academic achievement
  • Increased seating options for students with hearing loss
  • Increased self esteem

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