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Monday, March 09, 2009

Roving Rostrum® Podium PA


We have changed the name of our new portable tabletop PA system from the AMPLI-POD to the ROVING ROSTRUM® Podium PA. Please go to http://www.ampli.com/sw124.htm to check it out!

The Roving Rostrum® Podium PA is a unique and revolutionary self contained portable public address system that is truly a plug-and-play unit packed with high end features yet designed for the non-technical user.

Reach audiences up to 1,500 with 110dB of clear sound. Run your computer presentation through the stereo amplifier with included cables. Easily move the lightweight unit from room to room with the built in handles and durable construction.

There is ample storage space behind the magnetic speaker grille for all your wireless mic accessories.

Features: 50W Stereo Amplifier; Two 6-in. x 8-in. Jensen design speakers set at an angle for greater sound coverage; 3 mic inputs (dynamic, condenser, WIRELESS) which can be used simultaneously; Line in and line out; Two speaker jacks for a total of 4 speakers possible; Optional built-in CD/MP3 disc player with pitch control, cassette player, digital player, up to 2 built-in UHF wireless.

Runs on a built in 12V rechargeable SLA battery, or with included S1460 International AC Adapter/recharger.

MSRP for the SS124 is $877.00 and the Wireless SW124 is $1,253.00.

Check in with us as we are always adding new features and sales! http://www.ampli.com/default.htm

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