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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Durability and Portability

With the desire for portability also comes a need for durability. Why? We're all klutzes from time to time and when you need to move around a piece of equipment your bound to drop or bang it into something else that you would have preferred not to. This amazing modern age has an easy solution that actually increases durability and portability at the same time... Hard Shell Plastic!
Hard Shell Plastic can be formed and molded into nearly any shape and form being made from a mold-able polyethylene plastic that both stands up to high frequency use and makes product casings lighter and therefore more portable.

Three Amplivox products stand out in their use of this durable light weight material... Our SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner... our SW124 Roving Rostrum Podium PA... and our Pinnacle Lectern. Lets face it, we're don't all have a weight lifter's body nor are most of us world class trapeze artists, but lets make it easier on ourselves and purchase products that weigh less and can stand up to our klutz like moments.