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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How do you surf the Web?

Surfing the web has changed a lot over the years. Can you remember the days when you typed in www.ebay.com and www.amazon.com, and maybe mail.yahoo.com and that was about it? Now people depend upon bookmarks and search engines to get where they want to, but that still doesn't account for the way people surf today.

What other ways are captivating the mouse click of internet users?

1. The random generated site engine like stumbleupon.com and clicking from blog to blog on blogspot.com have become much more typical ways of spending (or wasting?) time online. Not knowing where your going to end up is becoming a popular way to find things you just can't with search engines, and I think I know why. How else could I find cool things I didn't even know I would enjoy reading/seeing/researching or more importantly... buying. Sure you get a bunch of garbage, but all you wasted is a click right?

2.Social media has also become a huge part of the way we interact with others, but also find new favorites whether they be products, information, images or helpful software. Not only do we find things we didn't know about before, but we know that we can trust that its safe to click because our friends have already visited the site before! Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all great ways to be informed and connected.

If your running a business like we are at Amplivox, you'll want to keep this in mind.. but what do you do? Here are two simple tips...
1. Register your site on these types of sites
2. Make sure your site's purpose is very clear to the customer so they can tell in under 3 seconds what this site is and if they want to stay there, then give them EASY ways to look around.

What ways do you surf the web? Let us know by leaving a comment!