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Monday, October 25, 2021

Illinois Wesleyan University Sigma Chi Class of 62-63 Reunion

The Illinois Wesleyan University Sigma Chi Class of 62-63 held their college reunion this month with an intimidate dinner. The reunion offered an opportunity for the classmates to reconnect with old friends, learn about the people they have become, and remembering the good times they had together.

The founding founders of Sigma Chi recognized that a principle-driven lifestyle should be paramount in an individual’s lifelong quest to achieve progressive development.

The world in which they lived had a great need for ethical leaders whose core principles were based on the possession of remarkable character.

Sigma Chi’s story has been building on itself since 1855 and the Fraternity has changed dramatically since that time.

The foundation for a lifelong course of development that has since provided more than 300,000 students with the structure to understand how to make a positive influence on the world.

Principle-driven leaders are needed now more than ever before, and the fact that Sigma Chi makes a concerted effort to contribute to the development of such people is what makes the Fraternity so important today.

Joining a fraternity can be a rewarding experience. It can make your college life richer than you imagine with a built-in social network and an organization that prides itself on developing relationships. Strong bonds and relationships will tend to form, and periodic communications will enable you to stay in touch with your friends.

The sense of pride you have from belonging to a fraternity is a definite confidence boost. It helps your self-esteem, and it helps your self-worth. Experiences have the potential to be much richer when you join a fraternity, enriching the mind and the soul that leads to fantastic memories.

From left to right: Joyce & Dick Hood, Bill & Jackie Rapp, John Copenhaver, Ron Zehr, Pam & Emil Ludy, Don Roth, Dave & Jackie Adams, Curt Tobin, Justin Kronewetter