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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Simplify Your Safety Needs with AmpliVox Acrylic Safety Shields

Taking steps to protect individuals from airborne virus transmission demonstrates not only that you care about safety but also about respecting your participants.

AmpliVox Acrylic Safety Shields for lecterns, check-in podiums and meetings and conferences not only help protect individuals but they are very easy to install.

It just takes a few simple steps. First will look at how to install the three different models of Safety Shields for lecterns and podiums.

Step 1 - Attach mounting rail(s) with included adhesive

Step 2 - Fit Safety Shield
into rails

Step 3 - Secure with included
set screws

These shields come with one or two mounting rails. First determine the placement of the mounting rail either at the center of the lectern table or for a wider lectern with one rail at each side of the lectern table.

Next, pick up the mounting rail, peel the adhesive strip off and put the mounting rail in place onto the lectern making certain to press it down securely. After the mounting rail or rails are set in place, then set the safety shield loosely into position.

Finally, tighten both set screws on each mounting rail with a hex wrench.

Safety Shield S0006 is designed for use in meetings, conference, and hospitality settings. This shield can be placed at appropriate intervals on conference tables so that each individual has protection from others sitting adjacent.

Step 1 - Attach large clamp with hex wrench

Step 2 - Attach small clamp with hex wrench

Step 3 - Securely tighten large clamp to flat surface

The shield comes with two clamps. To install, first put the larger clamp on the bottom of the shield next to it long side and firmly tighten the set screw with a hex wrench.

Next, install the smaller clamp in the same manner, then set the safety shield on the surface. Finally, securely tighten the bottom clamp.

Extend your voice and protect your participants with AmpliVox.