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Friday, April 03, 2020

Facilitate Emergency Communications and Public Announcements

The Coronavirus pandemic has elevated the need for urgent communications, including audible public announcements.

AmpliVox Sound Systems’ complete line of high-quality megaphones, horn-style Half-Mile Hailers, and portable PA systems can reach every size of audience, indoors or out, including people separated by "social distancing".


AmpliVox manufactures a complete line of lightweight, powerful megaphones for reaching potential audiences at distances of 50 feet to one mile.

Most feature rechargeable batteries to ensure power for repeated use.

Some models also have sirens, whistles, recorded voice capability, and flashing warning lights.

Horn-Style Half-Mile Hailers

These AmpliVox products are built for wider disbursement of sound, higher quality sound, and extended use.

They include the renowned Half-Mile Hailer, Mega Hailer, and AirVox.

These products can be used with wireless microphones for freedom of movement by the person speaking, and can also be placed on tripods for extended range and semi-permanent placement in public places.

Radio Hailer

An innovative product that employs two-way radios to allow speaking through a PA from up to a mile away.

The Radio Hailer wireless PA speaker is the ideal solution where a hard-wired PA installation is simply impossible, too expensive, or temporary needed.

Multiple units can be placed throughout a facility, programmed identically, and activated simultaneously as a group.

Vehicle-Mounted Sound Cruiser

Take your message to the streets with this powerful system featuring horn speakers on the vehicle roof and amplifier and microphone inside the vehicle.

Loudspeaker systems feature a wired or wireless microphone as well as options to project audio from your iPod, CD player, or other audio devices.

Weather resistant for the extreme heat or cold, be clearly heard up to a Half-Mile range nearly nine football fields away.

Portable PAs

AmpliVox manufactures a broad line of portable Public Address Systems, with built-speakers and amplifiers, rechargeable batteries, and wireless microphone capability.

The units range from smaller models with a speaker and amplifier mounted on a belt – perfect for smaller groups of people separated by "social distancing", handheld PAs, and more powerful models such as the Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus, featuring 250 watts of power and 96-channel wireless communication for low incidence of channel interference.