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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

AmpliVox Sound Systems Proudly Joins Argentum as a Supporting Industry Partner

Argentum is the leading national association exclusively dedicated to supporting companies operating professionally managed, resident-centered senior living communities and the older adults and families they serve.

Since 1990, Argentum has advocated for choice, independence, dignity, and quality of life for all older adults.

AmpliVox Sound Systems recognizes the importance of senior care and joins Argentum as a Supporting Industry Partner to shape the collective voice advancing excellence in senior living.

Senior Living Works: Attract and Engage the Future Senior Living Workforce

Argentum strives to develop a robust workforce of caring, committed employees who choose the senior living industry as a career path.

Their Senior Living Works initiative seeks to activate and increase the awareness of the senior living career field and the number of job applicants, while supporting the retention and advancement of employees currently working in the industry.

Argentum's strategy focuses on job creation, investing in training and development, and tracking metrics to ensure employee engagement and opportunity.

Training is a foundational element of business, instructors and training materials need to communicate effectively what the companies' goals are and how their employees are to achieve those goals.

But did you know that the environment in which the meeting or presentation takes place can be a hindrance to effective communication?

Communication is hindered when the facilitator cannot be heard because of poor sound system configuration, too little amplification or inability to connect multimedia devices to proper sound equipment.

AmpliVox Sound Systems are designed to combat these problems, and to help with room and audio setup.

Multimedia Lecterns: Integrating Multimedia Presentations with Options and Accessories

AmpliVox Sound Systems can ensure any speaking venue can experience powerful sound coverage and clarity with its wireless sound technology configured for lecterns, remote speakers, and house PA systems.

Give powerful presentations using today’s technology with AmpliVox multimedia options and accessories.

As an example, AmpliVox recently helped a retirement home in Glenview, IL, whose residents needed to be able to hear presentations and demonstrations clearly.

This was achieved by wirelessly connecting an AmpliVox lectern’s integrated sound system to the retirement home’s existing house PA system.

The solution included a panel-mounted wireless speaker transmitter inside an AmpliVox SW3020-WT Victoria Lectern.

This connected the lectern’s sound to the facility’s existing ceiling speakers and wireless Shure microphones.

With this configuration, the retirement home not only assures great sound for all residents in the room, but audience members can easily pass around multiple wireless microphones for Q&A sessions.

And, there is no need for laying cabling and taping it to the floor, thus saving labor and material cost and avoiding safety issues.

Another benefit to AmpliVox’s technology is that the retirement home’s yoga instructor is now able to play music from her iPhone playlist wirelessly through both the lectern and house sound system by utilizing the lectern’s Bluetooth connectivity.

Save the Date: 2020 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference

Connect, Discover and Advance with AmpliVox Sound Systems when will be exhibiting at the 2020 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference May 18-20, 2020 in Tampa, Florida.

Argentum’s conference connects forward-thinking leaders to discover opportunities and improve business operations while tackle industry challenges. The Expo serves as an education & technology hub, featuring 300+ exhibitors with an expanded knowledge base across the communities they serve.

Engaging in events like this helps advance the overall mission of providing optimal care for aging adults and peace of mind for families. Stop by our booth at the expo to learn how AmpliVox Portable PA Systems and Lecterns help attendees be heard.