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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Custom ADA Lecterns with your Company Logo

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

AmpliVox ADA lecterns are specifically designed to meet essential ADA requirements concerning proper knee space clearance, wheelchair height accessibility, and equal access to controls.

The AmpliVox SN3900 ADA Sit To Stand Lectern offers a stylish yet functional approach to ADA compliance that easily accommodates the mobility-impaired as well as the standing presenter.

It’s fully accessible for a seated individual yet is also has a motorized lift that raises the units height from 31” to a full standing height of 41”. This allows the lectern to be used for all presenters.

A spacious work surface provides more than ample space for laptops, notebooks, docking stations, and other presentation material.

Seated presenters will appreciate the ease of entry and exit afforded by the oversized access area.

Custom SN3900 ADA Compliant Sit to Stand Lectern for Adobe Systems

City of Punta Gorda, FL Custom SN3900 ADA Lectern
Adobe Systems and the City of Punta Gorda, Florida have recently customized the AmpliVox SN3900 ADA Sit To Stand Lectern with their company logo, setting their organization apart while enhancing their professional presence at conferences, business meetings and hosted events.

The ADA Compliant Lectern has a full range of features, including:
  • A spacious work surface
  • Easy entry and exit for wheelchair access
  • Built-in handles to facilitate easy movement of the unit on its 3” locking casters
  • And accessible cord management and power connection
It can also be customized with such options as:
  • Task light
  • Digital Clock
  • Gooseneck mic that connects to house sound capabilities

You can even get a model with built-in speakers and wireless microphone options in addition to gooseneck mic.