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Friday, March 03, 2017

Stylish Lecterns For Every Speaking Need Enhance Meaningful Funeral Services

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When planning funerals, clergy and family members spend long hours finding the perfect words to express their feelings. Sharing memories and tributes is a significant part of the healing process for the family, bringing comfort to them and all who attend the service.

It is vital, then, that funeral homes and other service sites provide reliable, easy-to-use sound equipment so that messages can be shared with clarity.

Lecterns and portable sound systems deliver advanced technology, including Bluetooth® streaming, to amplify sound and allow music and other media to be controlled directly from familiar handheld devices.

An investment in the right equipment today will ensure years of meaningful services for your clients.

Many purposes in your funeral business can be fulfilled by elegant lecterns without sound systems.

They can be used effectively in smaller service spaces, and perform well in lobbies or reception areas to hold programs, guest books, and other materials.

Décor choices can include an even wider variety of lectern styles. Transparent acrylic lecterns, in crystal clear or tinted finishes, provide a distinctive focal point. Elegant contemporary styles are available in a wide range of finishes to complement any space. Many can be customized with logos or religious imagery for a unique look.

Today’s presentation lecterns combine elegant design with advanced audio technology. Materials including wood laminate finishes, veneers, and solid hardwoods provide options to complement the décor of any venue. Integrated sound systems with onboard microphones and dashboard controls make it easy to adjust volume and other settings.

Featuring Integrated Dashboard with finger tip controls (SS and SW models)
Built-in 16 Channel UHF wireless receiver,
584 MHz to 608 MHz (SW models only)
Stream audio with
wireless technology
Side-by-Side Control Panel, includes fingertip controls, Bluetooth®
(SW and SS models only) and wireless receiver (SW models only)

Height adjustability is an outstanding new development in lectern design, allowing speakers of any height to use the lectern comfortably.

Silent electric lift mechanisms make height adjustments easy and unobtrusive.

Other appealing features include built-in reading lights, spacious reading surfaces, and interior shelves for water or storage.

Concealed rolling casters make it easy to move and position the lectern without detracting from the lectern’s appearance.

Services can also be greatly enhanced with multimedia presentations, including music, video, and slideshows of treasured family photos.

Multimedia lecterns make it easy to incorporate external devices like projectors and computers, with integrated shelves, power and USB outlets, Bluetooth® connectivity, and convenient device storage.

This increased functionality can all be accomplished in elegant, traditional furniture styles to complement your funeral home setting.

Communication is particularly challenging for outdoor services, but no less meaningful for the participants. Portable sound systems solve this problem by providing powerful amplification in compact, mobile packages. These systems can also be useful in indoor settings without an established sound system or sound equipped lectern.

Portable sound systems are available in a wide variety of sizes and power ranges.

Portable systems can be remarkably compact: for gravesite settings, consider briefcase-style units that contain speakers and amplifiers, with sound coverage up to 1000 people.

More powerful systems, with expanded coverage and added features like Bluetooth® and multiple microphones, transport easily on wheels with luggage-style handles.

Many systems can be set on tripod stands to increase their coverage.

Away from the gravesite, sound systems can also create safer, more efficient operations as mourners move through the funeral events.

Funeral staff members can rely on convenient handheld megaphones to direct large groups of people and make announcements about processions and other transitions.

Today’s megaphones are lightweight and powerful, with rechargeable batteries that run for hours on a single charge.

Look for products that include a battery indicator light to ensure that the megaphone is ready to go when needed.

There are even megaphone products that combine with illuminated traffic wands to maximize visibility and safety.

Whatever sound products you select, the main goal is to make it easier for families to communicate, share stories, and support each other.

Attractive lecterns set the scene for dignified, respectful gatherings, and reliable, easy-to-operate sound equipment creates seamless experiences.

Choosing the right products will make all the difference to your clients and their guests who may rely on you for services in the future.

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