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Friday, November 18, 2016

Sumner High School Band Performs At The 2016 Sunset Festival Of Bands

High school marching bands and color guard groups from around the Pacific Northwest rolled into Sunset Chev Stadium in Sumner, Washington on Saturday October 29th 2016 to compete in the areas of musicianship and performance.

Sumner High School Spartan Band performed at the Sunset Festival of Bands as the host band, playing the National Anthem and performing their Field Show with a little help from the AmpliVox SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner.

"I just wanted to share the video from our field show competition on Saturday" said Tom Fuge, Vice President of the 2016-17 Sumner Band Parents Association.

"We have been putting the system to the test all fall. In this video we have 3 mallet instruments mic'd through the unit and then a special solo at the end."

"The wireless mics have been great! We have already outgrown that capability though as we have added a couple staff members since last spring. ;)

We have another show, the big finale for the season, this Saturday. Then the unit will be put away until probably winter drum line.

Thank you for all your assistance with getting this unit purchased! I have a feeling I may be contacting you again for more equipment in the future."

Tom Fuge
Sumner HS Band Staff
Sumner Band Parents Association V.P

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