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Monday, November 07, 2016

Finding the Right PA System

Speaking presentations can be given to:

small audiences
or large ones

or out

In quiet environments
or noisy ones

How do you find the right PA system to clearly reach every set of ears with your message?
AmpliVox products helps you reach audiences from 10 to 10,000 with strong clear sound. There precisely engineered with integrated amplifier and speakers to give you the audio power and clarity you need to reach every set of ears in the audience.

Amplifiers range from 5 watts of power up to 250, and AmpliVox works with leading speaker manufacturers such as Jensen to ensure the best sound quality.

Microphones include:
wireless handheld
flesh tone over-ear
gooseneck mic

PA you can wear on your waist
PA on which clear sound is based
Megaphones that help you command

Speakers you can put on a stand
Sound you can mound on a car
Sound that makes you a star

PA you can hold in your hand
PA that carries on sea or land
Sound that comes above a lectern base

Sound you can really crank up, just in case
PA with lots of power
PA mounted on a tower

Everything you need for a small crowd or to make yourself really loud. AmpliVox has a PA system to reach your audience with:
  • Strong clear sound
  • Powered by AC or batteries
  • In portable units or beautiful lecterns

If you are not sure what you need, use this sound comparison guide or reach out to AmpliVox experts.