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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Developing Height Adjustable Furniture for ADA Accessibility and Personal Convenience

The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, requires employers to provide accommodations for employees and guests who have physical challenges. Part of the requirement involves making facilities accessible for those with mobility issues, including individuals using wheelchairs.

These rules are particularly relevant to government agencies that must follow ADA guidelines as well as mandatory purchasing rules.

To make ADA-compliant furniture, like lecterns and tables, more versatile and cost-effective, AmpliVox Sound System has designed a collection of height-adjustable options that fit the needs of all users with comfort and style.

As a GSA and TSA (US Transportation Security Administration for TSA checkpoints contract # HSTS04-15-A-CI4020) approved vendor, AmpliVox has been called upon to develop furniture specifically for government settings, and height adjustability has been a major consideration.

These new furniture designs provide accessible options that fit well in any workplace.

AmpliVox Patriot Lectern – Elegant Style with Discreet Adjustability

At 6’ 8” in height, FBI Director James B. Comey towers over a standard height lectern, which would make press conferences and other presentations uncomfortable and awkward.

His staff contacted AmpliVox for a height-adjustable solution that would still convey the dignity of Comey’s official position.

AmpliVox engineers met the challenge with an adjustable version of the company’s classic Patriot Lectern.

AmpliVox’s 3040A/3045A Patriot Lectern combines an elegant, traditional appearance with a smooth, silent electric lift mechanism, allowing the lectern’s work surface to be set at any height from 36 to 56 inches with just the touch of a button.

The Patriot’s distinguished style commands respect with its solid lacquer-coated hardwood base and fabric-covered, customizable top. Its concealed, silent power lift mechanism allows the lectern to silently adjust to presenters of all heights. It can be equipped with wired or wireless sound systems.

AmpliVox Mobile Sentry Workstation – TSA Approved Checkpoint

As everyone who travels by air knows, TSA workstations have to stand up to near-constant use serving thousands of passengers every day.

Multiple officers cycle through the workstation positions during their shifts, and TSA wanted durable, versatile lecterns to serve this important security function.

AmpliVox answered the call with its Mobile Sentry Workstation, a height-adjustable steel lectern that agents can use from a seated or standing position and can easily move whenever necessary.

The Mobile Sentry features a unique height-adjustable work surface to make it comfortable and functional for any users of any height, and can be set for either standing or sitting as needed.

Constructed of heavy-duty steel with an attractive powder coat finish, the Sentry can be set in indoor or outdoor venues. The unit includes two adjustable shelves to accommodate equipment. The semi-gloss powder coated surfaces resist chipping, scratching, fading, and wear longer than any standard paint finish. Solvent-free powder coating is the most environmentally-friendly paint technology for metal products. The entire workstation moves easily on 4” heavy-duty casters, all four of which lock securely into position.

The Sentry has been put into use in over 100 TSA installations, reflecting the quality, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of its design.

AmpliVox ADA Compliant Lectern – The Lecture Hall Solution for Everyone

Lecture halls in universities, hospitals, and other settings require lecterns that can serve any presenter and support multiple functions.

AmpliVox’s new ADA Compliant Lectern satisfies those needs with a silent electric lift mechanism for complete height adjustability, as well as a wide rear entry space for easy wheelchair accessibility.

AmpliVox’s ADA Compliant Lectern is specially designed to meet or exceed the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design issued by the US Department of Justice under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A conveniently located rocker switch adjusts the lectern’s height anywhere from seated (31”) to standing (41”), allowing the same lectern to be used comfortably by all presenters.

Seated individuals appreciate the ease of entry and exit afforded by its oversized rear access area. Its wide configuration provides a spacious tabletop work surface as well as easy entry and exit at the rear of the lectern. The classic design of the lectern, with curved edges and an attractive oak finish, fits any government, academic, or professional venue.

AmpliVox’s extensive experience in working with government contracts has enabled it to develop products that meet the needs of both the public and private sector. New technologies for height-adjustability make ADA compliant furniture more cost-effective than ever, since the same lecterns can be used by all presenters comfortably. The challenge of meeting both GSA and ADA requirements leads to innovative new designs that are shaping the accessible workplace of the future.