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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Audio Portable Buddy is the Friendly Small PA System

Announcers and tour guides are in love with how the AmpliVox Audio Portable Buddy makes their job so much easier.

Our very own sales manager, Bill Gamber, witnessed this first hand when he was at the Encompass Championship last week, a local senior PGA tour event held at the North Shore Country Club in Glenview, IL. The tournament had two announcers "yelling" the names of the players on the first and tenth tees as a way of introducing them to the assembled galleries.

After a quick visit back to AmpliVox, Bill returned to the Encompass Championship with two SW222 Audio Portable Buddies and went straight to the tournament office explaining who he was and the solution that he had for them. With a flip of the switch the Audio Portable Buddy's were turned on, put into place, and the announcers and crowd couldn't have been more grateful.

A casual stoll along Chicago's lakefront and through Lincoln Park for our audio technical manager, Daniel Tramposh, with his wife ended up on an unplanned visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo, where they came across their tour guide using an AmpliVox Audio Portable Buddy.

Extremely lightweight, the Audio Portable Buddy comes in a travel-friendly briefcase size package and can clearly project your voice or music up to 1,000 people, making it ideal for a walking tour for a guide to use at the zoo.

The 50 watt battery powered sound system is light enough to be carried around your shoulder and goes anywhere you go.

The voice amplification relieves speakers from straining their voice over the busy atmosphere and background noise of the outside environment.

Moderately improve your sound coverage and voice clarity while comfortably being heard throughout the group.

Communicate to your audience with minimal interference and without raising your voice.

Dual wireless can accommodate multiple presenters by adding a second Wireless Mic Kit (sold separately), allowing two presenters to be wireless simultaneously with the freedom to roam within a 300 ft. radius.

Record your presentation as it is happening. Line out connects to other audio devices for enhanced playback or recording.

Runs up to 200 hours on 10 "D" cell batteries (not included) , or use the optional, rechargeable AmpliVox NiCad battery pack and S1460 AC adapter / recharger.

Weatherproof and scuff-resistant molded black luggage-type plastic case holds up to abuse and protects amplifier.

Easy connection to smartphones, tablets, computers, video projectors with aux. input and separate volume and tone controls.

Just power up and speak! Simple, at-a-glance controls and inputs make the Audio Portable Buddy easy to use. A complete presentation system built into a rugged, compact carrying case.
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