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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back at AmpliVox 2014: Milestones

As the year comes to a close, it's a good time to look back and reflect on all that has been accomplished at AmpliVox and recount the milestones of 2014 as we move forward into the New Year.

January 2014
SW800 Titan Wireless PA System with Built-In Bluetooth® Module

The SW800 Titan Wireless Portable PA System had been upgraded with a built-in Bluetooth® module that allows a user to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth® music-playing device.

Bluetooth's wireless capability can transmit audio music from your iPad, iPhone, or any other Bluetooth® enabled device such as a smartphone, PC or laptop computer.

The SW800 Titan Wireless PA System comes equipped with a powerful 100 watt amplifier, 8 inch speaker, lapel or handheld wireless microphone, and a luggage handle with wheels. You can also play your music with the built-in CD player, USB input, or through the SD slot.

Lecterns and Sound Systems for Health Care Settings

Hospitals and other health care facilities are microcosm communities with sectors dedicated to education, business, entertainment, and even spiritual functions. In these contexts, hospital spaces frequently become presentation venues for groups of various sizes and purposes.

February 2014
AmpliVox Releases New SW915 Product Video for Dealers

AmpliVox had released a new product video of the SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner specifically for dealers to use and share on their website, social media and marketing materials.

SW915 Dealer Video - YouTube Link:

Multimedia Presentation Furniture Integrates Technology in Style

AmpliVox Sound Systems was proud to unveil a new line of multimedia presentation furniture, designed to enhance any presentation through the integration of cutting-edge technology.

The new multimedia options and accessories help presenters stay organized and keep all their technology devices at their fingertips.

March 2014
Perfect Music Practice with a Small PA System

Learning to play a musical instrument can be exciting and satisfying. With the proper discipline and training one can pick up any instrument. There are many reasons that contribute to the success of learning a new instrument, the most important can be attributed to the effective practice habits of its students.

Musicians are always told that practice is the key to success, but those who start off do not know how to practice.

Many students believe that “practice makes perfect”, but it is more correct to say that “perfect practice makes perfect”. Results in individual playing are achieved when a student learns to apply and perfect the concept of effective individual practice.

AmpliVox Partners with the NAIA National Track Meets

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) hosted their Indoor Track & Field National Championships in Geneva, Ohio and AmpliVox was there in support by sponsoring the event.

The NAIA is a governing body of small athletics programs that are dedicated to character-driven intercollegiate athletics. Each year more than 60,000 student-athletes have the opportunity to play college sports at NAIA member institutions.

April 2014
AmpliVox: A Commitment to “Made in America” Quality

At AmpliVox Sound Systems, we are proud that our products meet the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to durability, reliability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal has established AmpliVox as a leader in the sound equipment and presentation furniture industry.

Staples - How to Get your Client's Attention and Make More Happen

Staples latest step in its brand relaunch with the "Make More Happen" campaign has definitely gotten our attention, featuring an AmpliVox Mity-Meg Megaphone with its siren blaring at a not so observant client.

May 2014
Integrating Multimedia Presentations with Options and Accessories

Give powerful presentations using today’s technology with AmpliVox multimedia options and accessories. AmpliVox not only makes great sound systems, we also put you in command of a multitude of presentation options.

AmpliVox Sound Systems Donation Supports Special Olympics Events

AmpliVox Sound Systems had made a major sponsorship donation of portable sound equipment to each of the eighteen Areas of Special Olympics Illinois and supporting three Special Olympics Chapter events taking place throughout 2014.

June 2014
Mity-Meg Video: 602R Series Rechargeable Megaphones

Extend your voice in large open spaces with the AmpliVox Mity-Meg Megaphones. Mity-Megs are powered by either conventional batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be reused hundreds of times.

Aviation Career Enrichment Academy Reaches out to AmpliVox with Project 310

Aviation Career Enrichment (ACE) is a non-profit organization established in 1980 that uses the vehicle of flight training to inspire young people to sharpen their academic skills and remain in school.

July 2014
Top 10 Hotel Management Tips for the Hospitality Industry

The Hotel Industry is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment that takes a whole network of workers and departments to keep everything running smoothly. Serving a variety of purposes, hotels have the opportunity to provide customers with a great experience.

AmpliVox Cares: Community Outreach

AmpliVox works to strengthen and improve the communities we serve, through innovative programs that channel financial support as well as product and expertise assistance to public service organizations.

We care about the world around us, so we have invested in products, people, and services that exemplify that concern. In addition to our hands-on efforts, we also show our dedication to providing care by supporting many causes, events and charities.

Do you have a cause that needs assistance? AmpliVox provides product related services to organizations who might not otherwise have access to those services, public and non-profit organizations that has an educational role, raising awareness to better their community.

August 2014
AmpliVox Launches Online Video Playlist for Dealers

AmpliVox Sound Systems had released a new series of YouTube videos, designed to introduce AmpliVox’s wide-ranging product line to dealers and consumers.

The Dealer Video Playlist showcases the features of AmpliVox lecterns, sound systems, and megaphones, with advice on choosing the best product for specific settings and applications.

Integrate High-Performance Sound Using AmpliVox Line Array Speakers

AmpliVox’s deep understanding of the audiovisual needs of multiple industries has led to the efficient design of our Line Array Speakers.

These speakers are ideal for integrating into today’s many space-intensive applications. They provide clear, high-performance sound for permanent installations or mobile cart applications. They can be used vertically or horizontally.

September 2014
AmpliVox CEO Recognized for Regional Spirit in Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards

Roth received a “Regional Spirit” award, which The Business Ledger’s recognizes suburban Chicago entrepreneurs who “demonstrate commitment to the growth and well-being of the region through outstanding corporate citizenship and promotion of regional ties.”

Government Agencies Promote Efforts with AmpliVox Sound Systems

AmpliVox Sound Systems is proud to meet those needs with top-quality products that deliver crystal-clear sound amplification, excellent durability, and attractive styling to complement any setting.

October 2014
Athletic Fields with Half-Mile Hailers

" I am writing you to express how thrilled I am with your equipment. Three years ago I installed 2 Half-Mile Hailers at our baseball field and they are working fantastic. This year, I installed the same system the baseball field has at our soccer field. In the near future, I will also be adding a system at the softball field. I also plan on updating our gymnasium speakers with Half-Mile Hailers."

NRPA Congress and Exposition 2014

The NRPA Congress and Exposition, that took place during October 14-16, 2014 in Charlotte, NC., is the nation's premier parks and recreation event of the year, offering hundreds of educational sessions and the largest exposition in the industry.

November 2014
City of Brevard NC is Happily Amplified with the SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner

"On behalf of the City of Brevard and our Mayor Mr. Jimmy Harris would like to thank you for the PA system 'SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner' your company shipped to us. The system was tested and has been already used in two small events and staff members and Mr. Harris are very pleased.

Once again thank you to you and to all your staff that work really hard demonstrating an outstanding customer service."

Daredevil Nik Wallenda's Blindfolded Tightrope Walk Guided By Using An AmpliVox Megaphone

AmpliVox would like to congratulate daredevil Nik Wallenda for his latest death defying feat, walking across a tightrope between two skyscrapers without a safety net or harness.

December 2014
AmpliVox Attends The Midwest Clinic Annual Conference 2014

The Midwest Clinic brings together an exciting music community for everyone to share, learn and collaborate while honing in their skills as musicians, educators and inventors of the musical arts. Each year top ensembles are displayed throughout the music conference, showcasing the newest ideas and talent.

AmpliVox Receives 2014 Hero Award from Special Olympics Illinois

AmpliVox Sound Systems has been honored by Special Olympics Illinois (“SOILL”) with the 2014 Maggiano’s Hero Award, in recognition of AmpliVox’s donation of portable PA systems to all of SOILL’s area and statewide offices.

We would like to thank all of our dealers, suppliers, customers and friends for none of this would of been possible without their support. We are looking forward to 2015 as we continue to grow our role in our community and make a difference in the causes we believe in.