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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Half Mile Hailers Video: Outdoor Portable PA System

When you need to project clear sound up to a half mile away, use the PA system that lives up to its name, the AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer.

It’s perfect for all outdoor uses:
  • Public Safety
  • Crowd Control
  • Athletic Activities
  • Political Campaigns
  • Special Events
  • Auctioneers
  • Band Practice and more

An easy to use 50 Watt amp really powers out the sound, just turn it on, adjust the volume and start talking.

The weather proof horn speaker produces wider sound dispersion than other available products. The handy shoulder strap frees up your hands and also lets you be seen.

The Half-Mile Hailer is available with three different microphone styles:

Wireless model with lapel mic
and headset mic

Wireless model with
wireless handheld mic

Dynamic wired handheld mic
with 5 ft. cord

The amplifier runs on 10 D cell batteries good for 200 hours of operation or optional rechargeable NiCad battery with AC adapter recharger.

The amplifier features: dual wireless microphone jacks for multiple presenters, auxiliary input for iPhone or CD player, line out for recording, additional speaker jacks and volume and tone controls. There is even a siren button.

Each Half-Mile Hailer option ships complete:

- Model SW610A with wireless lapel and headset mics
- Model SW615A with wireless handheld mic or
- Model S610A with Dynamic wired mic

The Half Mile Hailer is also available in bundled kits to expand your outdoor speaking options.

Extend your voice with AmpliVox.