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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

LaLa Spreading Cheer at the America's Cup 2013

Images by Mike Kepka via SFGate
At this year’s America’s Cup racing season, LaLa Hill-Courtney took the role of the “welcoming ambassador” and cheerleader, greeting patrons of the event and informing fans of the America’s Cup Park’s attractions at Piers 27/29.

Sitting tall and pretty atop a 6-foor chair dressed in a red America’s Cup outfit accentuated with a pair of shiny golden sneakers, LaLa volunteers her time making sure all in attendance receive a great experience and get to see the best of the park.

As Lala sits on top of her high chair that she has wittily named “LaLa Perch”, she communicates to the crowd using a S602M Mity-Meg Plus Megaphone from AmpliVox. The megaphone helps LaLa to amplify her voice as she notifies guests of the Parks other features such as the Kids Zone, visiting Food Trucks, the “Flying on Water Experience”, and occasionally sings to crowd as she welcomes them to the park.

LaLa works the megaphone all day long and tries to make eye contact with the few who pass by. She talks about the weather and the food, and reminds people to shop at the Louis Vuitton gift shop.

"What I hope it does is make our visitors realize that San Francisco is a come-back-to place," LaLa said. "I do it because I love San Francisco and I really love America's Cup and I'm so excited that it's here in San Francisco."

S602M - Mity-Meg Plus Megaphone

Easy to use with detachable corded mic and shoulder strap for all day use. Effective range can reach up to 1760 yards / one mile.