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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Free Shipping On Selected Items to the Contiguous United States

AmpliVox is now offering FREE ground shipping on selected items to the contiguous United States, referring to the 48 adjoining U.S. states.

Our free ground shipping promotion on our popular items is currently available and will be in force until the end of this year, expiring January 1st 2014.

Take advantage and save with FAST and FREE shipping on any of our products listed below:
S207 BeltBlaster Pro

Rechargeable battery powered mini PA you wear like a belt. 44-inch adjustable belt with storage case to protect unit.
SW212 Mity-Vox Rechargeable Wireless PA

Rechargeable batter powered PA system - up to 8 hours of run time. Wireless handheld, headset and lapel mics included.
Audio Portable Buddy - 222 / 223 series

Take your PA System with you, goes anywhere you go. Durable rugged plastic carrying case. Easy to use, just Plug in and speak.
SW300 Mity-Lite Portable PA

A lightweight PA with carrying strap and wireless mic, with a 35-watt amp covering spaces up to 1500 square feet
EZ Speak Folding Lectern - 272 series

Lightweight tabletop podium great for saving storage space and perfect for moving from room to room with attached handle.
S602 Mity-Meg 25-Watt Megaphone

Light and powerful weighing only 2 lbs yet packing a punch. This weather resistant megaphone has a range of up to one mile.