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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tanaka Farms uses the Audio Portable Buddy as their Tour Guide PA System

Tanaka Farms
is a family owned and operated farm situated in the heart of Irvine California.

The 30-acre farm produces organic fruits and vegetables that supplies their produce stand and drives their CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture), providing farm fresh produce and fruit delivered to local businesses, company sites, schools and churches.

The real treat at Tanaka Farms is all the Guided Tours on the farm offers throughout the seasons, allowing for kids and adults alike to get a closer glimpse into the workings of a real farm.

The Tanaka family wanted to educate children where fruits and vegetables come from, where and how they grow. So back in 1998 they began to offer their Strawberry Tours, a guided wagon ride taking groups around their farm teaching them how different fruits and vegetables grow, sample various fruits and vegetables that are in season and also give tour groups a chance to pick and eat their very own strawberries.

Tanaka Farms uses the AmpliVox Audio Portable Buddy as their tour guide PA system to amplify their voice to the crowd. The Audio Portable Buddy gave them a moderate improvement in their sound coverage and voice clarity while comfortably being heard throughout the tour group and all along their wagon ride across the farm.

The Audio Portable Buddy
is a battery powered public address system that goes anywhere you go and runs for up to 200 hours on 10 D-Cell batteries, or up to 10 hours of talk time with the optional S1465 rechargeable NiCad Battery Pack.

Its durable case stands up to rugged use, with its 50 watt stereo amplifier that can reach and audience size of up to 1000 people.

The headset microphones used by the tour guides at Tanaka Farms allowed for their hands to be free during their presentation, permitting the tour guide to simply point out areas of the farm and pick up different plants and fruits to show to the group while discussing them on the tour.

The Audio Portable Buddy can easily be heard over the tractor pulled wagon, allowing the for the tour guide to continue their presentation as the wagon is in motion and on its way to its next destination.

Seasonal tours extend into the summer with Watermelon Tours during the months of July/August, Pumpkin Tours during October and ongoing Cookout Tours from March throughout August where guests get a chance to pick their own vegetables, get them prepped and grilled for a lunch outing.

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