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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Incorporating Oral Presentation Lessons Tailored to your Students’ Interests

For educators, the balmy, relaxing days of summer are often spent teaching summer courses, conducting research, writing, or planning for the following school year. You may be thinking about adding some new features to an existing course, or you may be creating a new one from scratch!

As you plan, consider the importance of communication skills for your students’ success, as all future professionals and leaders need to be taught to present their ideas clearly. Whether you are teaching future scientists, engineers, computer programmers, artists, mathematicians, linguists, or musicians, all will benefit from the ability to speak in front of others and present ideas effectively.

Consider incorporating oral presentation lessons tailored to your students’ interests. Cross-curricular lessons help students understand how specialized knowledge can make an impact on the world. Perhaps a presentation – based on reality or a future fantasy – about their latest scientific breakthrough, masterpiece, or creative writing will get them excited about expressing themselves as only they can. Students may want to deliver their Nobel Prize or Kennedy Center Honors speech, including details about why they won their award.

Make sure to have a portable or permanent lectern in your classroom, or consider a portable voice amplifier for public speaking practice. Help your students understand that whatever their interests are, telling others about them is important to future success. Practicing in small groups, in front of the classroom, or at a school assembly will help students become comfortable discussing their unique skills in front of others.

Small, portable tabletop lecterns, such as the Travel-Lite Folding Tabletop Lectern and the EZ Speak Folding Lectern are excellent choices for classrooms as they both fold and store in compact areas. AmpliVox carries a wide variety of full height lecterns and portable sound systems as well.

As an added bonus, lecterns may be customized with school, club, or team logos! Our friendly customer service team members are always happy to discuss your goals and objectives, and make recommendations for your particular class and room size.

Learning is rewarding, and the ability to share knowledge with others is a skill your students will benefit from for the rest of their lives. Who knows, in the future your student may thank you in a Grammy, Clio, or Pulitzer Prize Speech!

By Vita Schweighart