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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Restaurant Host Hostess Stands, Lecterns and Podiums from AmpliVox

Want to make a good first impression with your restaurant?  The first thing patrons see when they walk in your restaurant is the person greeting him or her at the door and the restaurant hostess stand.  This host stand is where the restaurant hostess keeps the reservation book and the starting point to where the host or hostess escorts patrons to their seats.

To make a favorable impression, this hostess stand needs to be stylish, yet functional.  A good hostess stand would have a clean workspace on top along with shelves to organize papers, coupons, and bills and physically take a beating.

Here are some products that make a great hostess stand:

Pinnacle Multimedia Hardshell Lectern:
This durable podium is virtually indestructible and features a large workspace that can hold your notebook computer and reservation notebook.  The deep shelf behind the lectern makes it easy to store and conceal materials.  The sound models come with a 50-watt sound system.  With a twelve year warranty on the outer shell, this is an investment that is guaranteed to pay off.

Full Height Wooden Lectern:
This classic lectern can take a beating with the durable melamine laminate and its quality construction.  This product that is Made in the USA and comes in Medium Oak and Mahogany and with a one year warranty.  Whether you are using this for a cafe podium or host stand, it will be a great addition to your restaurant. 

Read and watch of a video of Read More: How the Full Height Wooden Lectern was featured at the Craftsman Experience for a Radio Awards Show.
This podium is a great way to stay organized.  With ample shelf space and a counter for a computer, this will be an indispensable piece of furniture for your restaurant.  The locking storage cabinet makes this a secure podium that will be a favorite among hosts and hostesses. The optional built in sound system will project your voice over a crowd of many people.

Presidential Plus Lectern:
The Presidential Plus lectern would make a classy addition to any restaurant.  Does your restaurant host parties and events?  With the optional built-in sound system, you can kill two birds with one stone by investing in this powerful piece of equipment.  You can easily integrate your computer, iPod, or instrument into this lectern's sound system (and actually any of these sound lecterns!).
Watch our Video on the Presidential Plus Lectern.

Roving Rostrum Tabletop PA System:
  This tabletop lectern with speakers has a 50-watt built-in sound system that is an elegant way to project your voice and call groups of people who may be waiting for an available table.  Watch a video on the Rostrum:
Old Roving Rostrum vs. New and Improved Roving Rostrum.


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