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Monday, June 11, 2012

Portable Outdoor Podium with Microphone used at Chicago Ceremony

Big announcements require a plan on how to communicate the message.  How do you do it?

Do you host a press conference or a ceremony?

Do you advertise, use social media, or rely solely on word-of-mouth?

In November 2003, the city of Chicago celebrated the opening of the Park Grill in Millenium Park, giving Chicagoans a convenient place to eat in the very heart of iconic Millennium Park.

For a professional looking podium and to help broadcast their message, the city of Chicago turned to the AmpliVox Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern.  Long-time Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley announced the news to the crowd that they would soon have a great new eatery to enjoy.

The features that set the Pinnacle apart from the competition are:

  • Hard Plastic Shell: This feature is ideal for both indoor and outdoor presentations.  Don't believe us that it is Weatherproof and Waterproof?  Watch this.
  • Custom Logo: For the professional branding that every organization needs, AmpliVox offers the option of a custom logo on each of our lecterns.  For more information, call 800-267-5486 or read more here: Custom Logos on Lecterns and Podiums.
  • Sound Options: Want a lectern that easily plugs into your PA System?  The ST3250 offers an XLR cable port so you can quickly connect this podium to your sound system.  The SW3250 includes a built-in sound system with rechargeable batteries that makes this podium completely portable.  Watch this video on How to Connect Podium to External Sound System.
  • Easy to Transport: The Pinnacle Podium weighs in at around 50 lbs. and can be easily transported by tilting it and using its handy wheels.
  • 12 Year Warranty.   We believe in the Pinnacle so much that we offer it with an industry leading 12 year warranty.  If you buy either of the sound ready models (ST3250 or SW3250) the electronics are covered for six years.
Don't plan your next big announcement without the Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern!

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