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Friday, September 02, 2011

Construction Equipment PA Systems from AmpliVox

Construction sites are places of ingenuity and development but can quickly turn into a place of turmoil and devastation if the proper saftey measures are not considered.

Hardhats, ear protection, and other vital safety measures must be in place in order to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

One of those safety measures is a clear means of communication for foremen and managers to communicate their safety/emergency message over the loud noises of bulldozers and other construction equipment.

Portable PA Systems are needed to ensure that emergency messages are heard loud and clear by everyone.

AmpliVox has several portable sound systems that are great additions to any work site because they are portable, battery-powered, and extremely durable.

The Half-Mile Hailer is the leading portable PA system for construction sites and is a loudspeaker system with wireless options.  This system is:
            • Extremely Durable. (See testimonial of bull stomping on Hailer)
            • Long Lasting.  It comes with an industry leading 6 year warranty and has been known to last decades.  Just ask Kurt.
            • Wireless.  The SW610 Wireless Hailer comes with a wireless mic and built in transmitter.  The batteries last up to 200 hours!
The Car version of the Hailer is the:

Sound Cruiser Vehicle PA System is the ideal system for construction equipment sound and easily straps onto any vehicle or piece of construction equipment with straps and suction cups.  This 50 watt system can project your voice up to one half mile just like the Half-Mile Hailer.

Another construction site must is the Mity-Meg Megaphone.  Our popular battery powered megaphone has 3 Modes:
The MityMeg Plus features a detachable corded mic and shoulder strap to keep you comfortable all day.

For more information our Construction Equipment PA Systems, please visit Ampli.com or call us at (800)267-5486.