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Monday, February 07, 2011

Why Overcomplicate things? The Sound Cruiser Car Public Address System is as Easy as it Gets

One of Amplivox's goals is to provide quality portable sound systems that are easy to use.

Just like our customers, we hate overcomplicated products with messy cords that tangle, which is one reason we offer most of our products wireless.

There are plenty of complicated Car PA systems out there: look at the included screen shots from several long Youtube videos explaining how to hook up a car public address system. The videos show how to screw in the device, how to connect a mess of wires and other parts to a car. One of the videos is over nine minutes long! Talk about complicated!

The Amplivox Sound Cruiser Car PA System comes ready-to-use with suction cups and straps for attachment and is essentially plug-and-use.

Watch the following video demonstrating the ease of installment and use the Sound Cruiser offers. The video may seem a little silly just because the product really is that easy to set up!

To compare the Sound Cruiser to other sound systems (specifically the videos pictured above) click here and here.

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