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Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy to Use Portable PA Systems and Lecterns: The Amplivox Advantage

We all have experienced technology that is way to complicated and hard for even rocket scientists to use.

What use is buying something if you cannot use it easily?

Amplivox Sound Systems recognizes this because we do not like buying technology that takes an advanced degree in computers to use.

So one of our goals here at Amplivox is to make our portable sound systems as simple and easy to use as possible.

One major feature that simplifies use of our products is the wireless option. Connecting wires and finding outlets complicates things especially when you may be in an environment that does not have easily accessible outlets. All of our products are available in wireless and two great examples are the Titan Wireless PA Sound System and EZ Speak Folding Tabletop Lectern.

You may have noticed in some of our Youtube videos how it is painfully easy to use our equipment (I'm thinking of the How to Set up the Sound Cruiser and How to Plug an iPod/iPhone into an Amplivox Sound System videos).

Some other steps we have made to make your experience as our customer the easiest it can be is to provide product manuals and a pocket training guide on setting up a portable sound system.
and also several videos about Frequently Asked Questions.

-FAQ: How to Choose the Right Size Sound System for Your Size Audience
-FAQ: My Amplifier Won't Turn On--How to Charge Amplivox SW805a Amplifier

Below are a couple of videos that demonstrate the ease of use that Amplivox products offer.

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