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Friday, July 23, 2010

Too Much Technology? Your Technology Fillintheblank Answers

Technology and social media seem to be taking over the news and revolutionizing business and social life. There is so much talk about the newest smart phone and how Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are being used by marketers to target their customers.

Recently actor Richard Dreyfuss criticized technology for killing our time and our ability to think. What do you think? We offered the following on our Facebook, Twitter, and other media sites, asking users to fill it in:

"A world so driven by information and technology is:__________."

Here are a few of the answers we received:
  • "a world that is losing sight of human interaction" - Jonathan Parker (through Facebook)
  • "annoying! turn off technology for a minute and rest" - yoaaa (through Yahoo Meme)
  • "Out of touch with reality. Just kidding... Dangerously informed, way over-hyped, but with the potential for being very helpful. Negative example: 'The Summer of Lebron' Positive Example: Simplifying and revolutionizing the way business is done" - Michael Bailey, Amplivox employee
  • "Revolutionizing business and social interactions but also reall scary with all of the information available and lack of privacy." Kevin Halloran, Amplivox employee
  • "The problem's plain to see // Too much technology" Mr. Roboto by Styx
Too much technology? What are your thoughts? Don't keep them a secret secret...leave a comment.