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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amplified Classrooms: Proven to help Education and Loved by Teachers

Never have to repeat yourself again in the classroom with Amplivox. The children in your classroom need to hear you and we can help. We provide a great selection of light-weight portable sound systems that will would be an asset in any classroom.

One of our products that we love to share with those in the education realm is the SIR285, otherwise known as the InfraRed ComPac PA System. This great system is just under 4 lbs. and can help you be heard to the entire class. You will not have to strain your voice again to be heard. One of the wonderful aspects about the SIR285 is the InfraRed sensor that will pick up the wireless mic anywhere in the classroom.

It is reported that 70% of educators have missed at least a day of class due to voice related problems. Studies also show that students learn much better when they do not have to guess at what the teacher is saying. For these reasons and many more, an InfraRed ComPac PA System in the classroom makes sense.

Click here to read the studies regarding amplification in the classroom.
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Amplivox participates with GSA Government Contracts to greater assist you in getting quality products at excellent prices.

We have updated this blog post and have a video with statistics on Amplified classrooms.

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