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Monday, March 22, 2010

White Paper: Effectively using PA/Lecterns to Grow Profits

Flexibility is a desired attribute for just about everything these days. Multi-function cars are as popular now as they have ever been and technology has placed a MP3 player, computer, camera, and GPS system all in a cell phone.

"Utility Players" are great assets to a baseball team because they can play so many positions. Coaches love them because they are like always having a wild card on the bench.

Nobody wants to sacrifice any options when they could have the choice of an all-in-one.

Amplivox has several products that are flexible like "Utility Player" and they can be used for a variety of purposes. The Digital Audio Travel Partner is one of those products; combining the latest in speaker and amplifier technology and providing the best sound along with the features that matter to you. Another "Utility Player" is the SW124 Wireless AmpliPod Podium PA which combines functionality, durability, and portability in this revolutionary table-top lectern.

Our latest White Paper discusses some of our flexible lecterns and PA systems and how they can help grow profits. Click here to read how to "Effectively use PA/Lecterns to Grow Profits."