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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Running For Health: Amplivox Portable Sound Systems Supports Triathlons and Marathons

Amplivox Sound Systems has proudly sponsored Iron Man and IMG Marathon events to help make the world a healthier place. Get active and get moving in your own community! Run or walk in a race near you, or sponsor a race! Here are some races Amplivox has sponsored...

Iron Man amplivox sound systems testimonial image

AmpliVox is a proud sponsor of Iron Man

Iron Man amplivox sound systems testimonial image

Our solid hardwood Victoria Lectern,
graces the award stage at
Ironman Lake Placid.

Iron Man amplivox sound systems testimonial image

runners amplivox sound systems testimonial image

AmpliVox is a proud sponsor of the IMG New York City Marathon
The ING New York City Marathon

Premier event of the New York Road Runners
New York Road Runners

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Events like marathons and triathlons are ideal for extending your voice with a portable pa sound system. Often officiators need to be mobile and communicate their messages on-the-go which is why our wireless systems are such an asset at these events.

Whether it be announcing pre-race instructions to the thousands of contestants or congratulating winners, small battery powered portable pa systems and bundles like the Digital Audio Travel Partner Bundle are a staple in planning exciting and complicated events like a big race.

Whether it be a megaphone with detachable mic, a sound lectern with amplifier and speakers, or an outdoor portable pa sound system, Amplivox has quality products to meet your event-planning news.

Amplivox is proud to support organizations like Ironman Triathlons and the New York City Marathon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meeting Needs vs. Describing Features

Products are made to meet the needs of our customers... correct? Then why do we continue to insist on writing feature descriptions rather than explaining how the features of our products meet their needs? Take this for example...

Our SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner has something called a UHF Wireless microphone transmitter and built-in wireless signal receiver.
Now lets look at two pieces of copy that both represent this feature and see what the merits are of each.

1. "The Digital Audio Travel Partner is equipped with built-in UHF diversity wireless microphone transmitter and receiver with 8 high band Frequency choices for superior performance in high interference locations."

2."Never be frustrated with wireless microphones again with the Digital Travel Audio Partner's UHF Mic system. With 8 'crystal clear' wireless channels your guaranteed a 'clear and free' wireless signal no matter where you are."

Both of these statements essentially make the same point, but the second reaches out to the customer's needs. Solve your frustration... and here is how & why! The first leaves it up to the customer to determine not only if this product may or may not solve their problem, but also how it can help and why they should care. However the second version lets the customer know what it is that this product will do for them, and it gives them the information about the product that they need to know to understand how it can help them. Sure the first description sounds more technical, and it may appeal to audio technology experts, but for most people they simply want to know how this product will make their life easier. They may not even be aware of their need until they read about your product!

The moral of this post is simple...
Care about the need's of your customer...
Write your copy to show what needs this product meets...
and show them how the product's features make this possible!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Customer Service Is Key

One of the things we pride ourselves in here at Amplivox is Customer Service! A customer needs to be given something most companies rarely want to give... and it needs to be given freely. What is that??


Even though it may cost more in the long run having enough customer service staff and making sure you take the time to ensure they are trained and knowledgeable is worth its weight in gold. Anyone would be wise to follow this practice!

See an example of how to choose a sound system... Sound Tutorial Click to see a tutorial on how to choose a sound system! This is the kind of thing you can feel free to utilize us for! We can provide detailed advice on a wide array of setups and needs.

Visit http://www.ampli.com/support.htm for support and help!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sound Cruiser Used To Honor Fallen Heroes

Recently our Sound Cruiser Car PA System was used to help the Red Eagles honor those fallen soldiers from Pennsylvania. It was mounted atop this parade float and used to project their message so that everyone along the route could hear.