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Monday, August 13, 2018

Contemporary Acrylic Lecterns Make the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Shine

Eight former NFL stars were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. This year’s Hall of Fame class featured:

While Owens opted not to travel to Canton, and instead gave his speech at his alma mater earlier in the day, seven stood on the stage in front of a stadium of fans, family, and players.

AmpliVox's long time hometown favorite Brian Urlacher from the Chicago Bears was elected on his first ballot in a deep class of finalists. His induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a a well-deserved recognition of his career as one of the best middle linebackers to ever play the game.

AmpliVox Acrylic Lecterns offer contemporary elegance that projects your image in any setting.

The AmpliVox Series 3080 Lecterns will help you stand out as someone to be noticed and listened to. They’re made of tough half inch plexiglass, with beautiful anodized aluminum side panels.

You can choose side panels of silver, black, or gold. The reading surface comes in widths 27”, 36” or 48” so you can really spread out your papers.

The acrylic is available in clear, frosted, smoked or a variety of colors. Choose from these standard colors or your own custom tint.

We can even add your logo. AmpliVox offers custom logo solutions to add your business logo prominently on any lectern of choice.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Relationship Goals: Life Lessons to Maximize Sales

In an economy increasingly dominated by online sales and faceless vendors, the notion of customer relationships may seem quaint. When buyers can just search for products on Amazon or a hundred other Web-based clearinghouses, is there a future for sales professionals?

Personal connection is the single most important element in maximizing sales over the long term. Focusing on relationship building allows a sales professional to anticipate customer needs, make targeted recommendations, and become a trusted partner for future purchases.

After 20-plus years in manufacturing and sales, I firmly believe that personal connection is the single most important element in maximizing sales over the long term.

Instead of constantly chasing individual sales, focusing on relationship building allows a sales professional to anticipate customer needs, make targeted recommendations, and become a trusted partner for future purchases.

To cultivate this relationship-based approach, salespeople need universal skills based on human nature.

Everyone wants to feel heard, understood, remembered, and appreciated. Think about these priorities as you approach your new customers.

Reading the Room: Emphasize Conversation
Each customer comes to you with a different set of priorities. Some will be facing a time crunch and need quick, concise answers; others will be window-shopping for purchases that may not be made for weeks or months.

Be sensitive to the tone used by each customer and adapt your approach accordingly. Whenever possible, engage in relaxed conversation to learn about their general business needs. It may not generate an immediate sale, but it can lay the foundation for a more fruitful relationship over time.

Attentive Listening: Be a Problem Solver
If a customer comes to you with specific needs, take them to heart. This is not the time to showcase your encyclopedic knowledge of your entire product line. Listen carefully to the customer’s concerns, taking notes and asking questions to clarify your understanding (and demonstrate that you are paying attention). Then make product recommendations with specific references to the needs expressed by the customer.

If you are trying to lead them toward a more expensive product, be sure to directly explain why the added features or benefits of that product will serve the customer’s stated needs. Taking the time to educate the buyer will leave a lasting impression that can translate into a long-term relationship.

Talking Up: Make Your Customer Look Like a Genius
Frequently, your first point of contact will not be the final decision-maker. That does not mean the initial relationship is any less important. The best way to get access to the person higher up the chain is to take your friendly contact along for the ride.

Suggest a meeting, conference call, or other group communication, and be sure to highlight the ways the employee has helped you understand the company’s needs. Present your proposed solution as a team effort, especially if you can find a way fulfill their requirements below budget. If the boss is happy, you will have made a friend for life in the trenches.

Follow Up: Be the First Choice
Your customer relationship should never end at the point of purchase. Now that you’ve laid the groundwork, stay in touch to ensure they are satisfied and to let them know you have not forgotten them. Adding their contact info to your company’s general marketing lists is an important first step, but you can do much more with a personal touch that shows your knowledge of their company.

Is your supplier offering an upgrade that enhances their purchase? Is there a new product that fills a “wish list” item for them? There’s no need for a hard sell when you tailor your suggestions to needs you already know exist.

In sales as in life, relationships aren’t always easy. They require commitment, effort, and give-and-take. Sometimes they fizzle out. Nonetheless, the ones that flourish can stand the test of time and pay dividends for years.

You may even find that the skills you polish in sales serve you well in your personal relationships. Take the time to step away from the computer and see how one-on-one sales conversations can grow your business.