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Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Music, Maestro, Please! Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center

The role of a conductor is to organize the music and keep everything calm, setting the scene that allows the actors and orchestra to step fully into the music.

With a clear beat pattern that is modified for the musical context, a well-versed maestro has a deep sense of tempo, maintaining or developing time and feel in front of an audience as the adrenaline sets in.

Communication is a very big part of what the conductor needs to do in an open way that invites people in.

In the audio visual world, the AmpliVox Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center puts you fully in command of your presentations with robust design features.

Because not every presenter is the same height, the Maestro adjusts in height from 38 inches to 44 inches high with the turn of a pneumatic dial.

Moreover the maestro has an extra-wide 31 inch reading table to accommodate a laptop and much more.

It's designed for today's multimedia needs with such features as cable pass-through grommet, 110 volts power socket and optional data sockets.

AmpliVox's customization capabilities also include prominently displaying your logo.

The AmpliVox Maestro Adjustable Presentation Center is proudly Made in the USA. It features a six year warranty on the lectern and a 1 year warranty on the electronics.

Make yourself into a presentation Maestro. Extend your voice and project your image with AmpliVox.