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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Showroom Demo Sale: SN3080 Clear and Frosted Acrylic Lectern

Save on our SN3080 acrylic lectern model. AmpliVox Showroom Demos are high-quality items thoroughly inspected by our team before coming to you. Limited quantities are available and once they’re gone, they’re gone! So, shop now and save BIG!

The SN3080 Contemporary Alumacrylic Lecterns are a beautiful blend of anodized aluminum and acrylic.

Showroom Demo
Made from clear acrylic for a modern look that reflects your style
Was $2,014.00
Now $1,813.00

Showroom Demo
Beautiful blend of frosted acrylic
and anodized aluminum posts
Was $2,451.00
Now $2,206.00
The posts are made of anodized aluminum with a silver satin finish. The base 27-in.W x 16 in. D is made of 3/4" acrylic and have a rubber footing at each corner.

The reading table (top shelf) has 5/8" clear acrylic surface with a 1" tall lip to keep notes in place. The body of lectern has a 5/8" front panel with two 5/8" supports that run the height of the lectern. Overall dimensions 48"h x 27"w x 16".