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Monday, April 04, 2022

How Can You be Sure the World Will Hear You? Use the AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer!

In today’s increasingly noisy world, how can you be certain your message will be heard?

The AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer helps you get through loud and clear – over long distances, in noisy environments, and over common acoustic obstacles such as wind and trees that can muffle sound. When cranked up, the Half-Mile Hailer’s audio power rivals sound levels measured from a freight train or tornado!

For 35 years, the Half-Mile Hailer’s solid engineering and rugged construction have helped the unit live up to its name, broadcasting clear sound up to a half-mile. It’s ideal for:

Public Safety
Including police, fire, and SWAT teams – protect your community

Crowd Control
Everyone will hear you, loud and clear!

Traffic Control
Broadcast announcements and invest in protecting children’s safety

Athletic Activities
Announce the action and direct the crowd for sports events and athletic fields

Political Campaigns
No one will miss where you stand on the issues

Band Practice
Have the band sounding good and looking good

Keep the bidding going fast and strong

The unit comes with weatherproof reverberant horn speaker and 50-watt amp that’s easy to turn on and power up. It includes dual wireless microphone jacks for multiple presenters, auxiliary input for Smart Phone or CD player, line-out for recording, additional speaker jacks and volume and tone controls.

There's even a built-in siren, to really grab attention. It has a shoulder strap for comfortable portability. And, power is no problem – it can operate from an AC Adapter/Recharger, NiCad Rechargeable Battery Pack, or 10 D-cell batteries that provide up to 200 hours of talk time.

It’s available in three models, as well as bundled packages with additional accessories:

Dynamic mic with 5-foot coiled cord

Wireless model with lapel and headset mics and body pack transmitter

Wireless model with wireless handheld mic

How well does the Half-Mile Hailer work?

AmpliVox promises top-quality performance and backs it with a six-year warranty. But more than just our word, listen to what customers have said:

“The most dependable piece of equipment I have ever owned!” – auctioneer

“Easy to set up and excellent sound quality.” – athletic organizer

“The clarity of voice is phenomenal.” – street preacher

“I have used a Half Mile Hailer for over twenty years.” – horse trainer

“With the Half-Mile Hailer, I don’t need to shout the starting commands.” – NCAA track meet official starter

“Thanks for producing such a quality product in the USA!” – auctioneer

Make sure the world hears you – get the AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer.