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Friday, April 09, 2021

Introducing the AmpliVox SD5430 Crescent Digital Adjustable ADA Workstation

Did you know that the typical office worker tends to be in a sitting position for 70% of their working hours?

This level of inactivity can cause problems for your muscles, circulatory system and even your brain. However, when you periodically stand during a working day your body and mind are healthier.

The AmpliVox Crescent Digital Workstation not only lets you sit or stand it gives you reminders of when to change positions.

The Crescent Workstation also has a digital memory that always adjusts to the height that is just right for you, and it can be programmed and controlled via your smartphone to guide your health throughout the day.

The workstation provides a generous 54” x 30” working area and it is sturdy enough to support up to 325 pounds. The motorized lift raises the desk from 24” to as high as 49” or however you choose to program the sitting and standing heights that are best for you.

The Crescent is ADA compliant to accommodate a wheelchair, it is extremely stable and features a scratch resistant laminate surface.

The Crescent desktop provides convenient cord management access plus a built-in USB charging station. The workstation is available in two different colors.

Mixed Gray


The AmpliVox Crescent Digital Adjustable ADA Workstation ships flat and assembles in just 15 minutes (see the separate assembly video).

Extend your voice and make your workstation healthier with AmpliVox.