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Monday, August 12, 2019

AmpliVox Proudly Supports Made in USA - Why Made in USA is Better

Selling products that are Made in the USA is about much more than just patriotism.

AmpliVox has long believed in making its products in the USA to ensure:
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Versatility
  • Aesthetic Appeal
To provide these standards we keep our design and manufacturing at Northbrook and McHenry, Illinois.

These two northern Illinois cities we have our own design, engineering, technology, manufacturing and woodshop teams.

This enables us to strictly control the creation of our products from beginning to end so you get American made quality on affordable PA Systems, Lecterns, Multimedia and ABA Furniture, Acrylic and Contemporary Lecterns, Tabletop lecterns, and Speakers.

At AmpliVox, we ensure quality on your products from beginning to end, but we also confess we love the USA.

Keeping our manufacturing process close to home has ensured the character of our products, created American jobs, and inspired our employees’ pride in the results of their work.

AmpliVox maintains its own design, engineering, technology, manufacturing, and woodshop teams, based in Northbrook, Illinois, and we strictly control the creation of every AmpliVox product from beginning to end.

Our committed team of designers, engineers, technicians, and customer service representatives stand behind every AmpliVox product to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Questions? You can contact us online or call (800) 267-5486.

A customer service specialists will fit the right product to your application, as well as answer your basic or technical questions.