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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Sound Comparison Guide Available In English, Spanish, Italian, German and French

AmpliVox Sound Systems’ products have always guaranteed reliable communications, and now that message will be heard loud and clear across many continents. Their latest Sound Comparison Guide has been revised with new products and latest updates, translated for its customers who serve the Spanish, Italian, German, French markets.

The Sound Comparison Guide is a persuasive sales and marketing tool that compares product features, including sound coverage, dimensions, and cost of more than 25 lecterns and indoor/outdoor PA systems.

This informative Guide will make it easy to choose a sound system for your customers’ applications.

AmpliVox CEO Don Roth describes the company’s global messaging as an integral part of its multimedia presentation systems.

"Our salient Sound Comparison Guide seamlessly communicates the AmpliVox core product features and benefits", says Roth.

"From high quality portable public address systems to stylish lecterns and podiums, Amplivox Sound Systems ensures a crystal clear message in any language," .

The world depends and trusts AmpliVox Sound Systems because it offers not only high quality and reliability, but as seen in the Guide, elegant style for every speaking need. The Sound Comparison Guides are available in: