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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Extending Voices at SGA Debates with AmpliVox Pinnacle Lecterns

Great to see our Pinnacle Podiums help candidates extend their voice at the University of Houston SGA presidential and vice presidential debate.

The Student Government Association at the University of Houston represents and advocates for over 45,000 students.

The SGA exists to serve as the official voice through which student opinion may be expressed and empowered in the overall policy, decision making process, and services offered at the university.

Through continuous interaction with students, faculty, staff, and administration, the SGA works to improve and enhance the quality of the student experience and is committed to understanding the needs of students and speaking on their behalf.

Hosted by The Cougar (weekly newspaper run entirely by students at the University of Houston), the UH SGA Presidential Debate brings all the candidates to one stage for one night to discuss policy.

The Pinnacle Multimedia Lecterns featured in the debate are elegant yet sturdy lecterns made from a durable hard shell plastic, with a sculpted profile and radius corners that holds up under tough use, indoors and out - its weatherproof and waterproof.

Flat reading surface allows your laptop or projector to sit flat and secure, while the soft cushion wrist rest / paper stop provides comfort as well as function.

Lightweight, safe and quick to transport. Roll this lectern anywhere using built-in handles and two tilt and roll casters.

Made in the USA, the Pinnacle Lectern ships complete: