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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Make The Best Multimedia Lecterns Even Better

Keep all your technology organized and at your fingertips with AmpliVox Multimedia Lecterns.

Multimedia lecterns provide you with a working platform for computer-based presentations with storage space for CPU, laptop, projector and sound system.

Easy to setup and use, including our legendary AmpliVox customer service and support.

Now between March 1st and April 30 of 2017 save $25 off the Gyration Air Mouse Go with Keyboard when purchased with any lectern online on www.ampli.com or by calling us at (800) 267-5486.

Choose your keyboard size and save $25 on your choice of model GYM1100CKNA or GYM1100FKNA Air Mouse Go Plus.

  • GYM1100CKNA
    Air Mouse Go Plus with Compact Keyboard

  • Desktop mouse and presentation remote
  • Assignable buttons and hand gestures
  • Includes MotionTools 3.0 software (NEW)
  • Rechargeable Battery (3.7 VDC / 400 mAh - 1.48Wh)
  • TAA Compliant
  • Gyration 88-key Compact Wireless Keyboard
  • Windows & OS X compatible

The Gyration Go Plus is more than a mouse, it's an air mouse. With projectors and digital whiteboard are now common place in today's classrooms and boardrooms, presenters are still finding themselves tethered to a computer mouse that simply won't work interactively.

The wireless Go Plus which works on your desk and in the air enables computer control from anywhere in the room instantly adding interactivity to your lectures, business meetings and boardroom presentations.

Designed to work seamlessly with the equipment you already have, the Go Plus is also available with Gyration Low Profile and Compact keyboards all with the 100-foot wireless range.

AmpliVox’s line of multimedia lecterns accommodate a multitude of devices with dedicated shelving, lockable storage, and integrated outlets to simplify connections.

All these forward-looking features are contained in streamlined, contemporary designs for a polished, professional appearance.

Also works great in your conference room space. Today’s organizations are all about collaboration, and when people collaborate they need the right kind of furniture.

The AmpliVox Collaboration Huddle Table has today’s needs in mind. This 80” x 40” table accommodates up to six people and it features knee clearance so that a wheelchair can easily access it.

AmpliVox has designed the Huddle Table to meet the ADA precise standards for accessible design. The fusion maple top surface is made of high pressure laminate that is scratch and impact resistant.